Pupil Targets

Dear Parents,

The Quinta believes that as children extend their learning they need targets/objectives to know what their next step must be and what their work should contain to demonstrate they have moved on in their learning. On this page you can view the range of targets/objectives your child will be set. Please ask your child what their focus for learning is. During the past two years the curriculum and assessment has changed. A key change has been assessment without levels. Starting in September 2016 The Quinta are introducing a new way of sharing with parents the areas of learning their children are working on or have achieved.

Three times a year September, January with mid year Report Cards and March/April time an information sheet containing the objectives your child needs to learn to progress their learning or is in the process of being taught or has achieved will be sent home. The school will use the below keys:


Not taught yet -NT - White

Objective taught - OT - Red

Emerging (starting to understand the objective) - E - Orange

Emerging Secure ( understands objective and is starting to use it with support) - ES - Yellow

Secure (understands the objective and uses the concept independently) -S - Green

Mastered (can use the object/concept in problem solving and across all subjects) - M - Blue 

These targets are broad targets/objectives and you child will take smaller steps in their learning to reach them. These small steps are in their books at school and shared with your child through marking  and feedback from their teachers. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to speak with your child's class teacher.

An example of how this information sheet will look is the fist document linked to this page. This is followed by the Reading, Writing and Maths objectives for Years 1 to 6. This is a developing project should there be changes during the year we will inform you.

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