Class and Staffing Structure 2020/2021





The Quinta Primary Class Structure September 2019


Foundation Stage

Reception Class 1 Miss L Jackson

Reception Class 2 Mrs L Gratton  

Teaching Assistants in Reception  Mrs J Anderson and Mrs C Kirby


Key Stage 1

Class 1  Year 1 Mrs K Hall 

Class 2  Year 1 Mrs G Proctor

Teaching Assistant in Year 1 - Mrs J Carvel & Miss C Hassell

Class 3  Year 2 Mrs K Bernard & Mrs S Macha

Class 4  Year 2 Miss A Bailey

Teaching Assistants in Year 2 – Mrs J Lee and Mrs E Gibson


Key Stage 2

Class 5  Year 3  Mrs H Wootton and Mrs S Williams - Mrs Wootton will be Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri. Mrs S Williams will cover on a Wednesday

Class 6 Year 3 Mrs H Williams

Teaching Assistant in Year 3 Mrs S Williams

Class 7  Year 4  Miss L Stevens

Class 8  Year 4  Miss J O'Neil 

Teaching Assistants in Year 4  Mrs H Burns

Class 9  Year 5 Miss H Findon Year 

Class 10  Year 5  Mrs A Cope & Mrs F Owen

Class 11 Year 6 Miss L Smith

Class 12 Year 6 Miss S Stones

Teaching Assistants in Years 5/6 – Mrs V Pope, Mrs K Scowcroft & Mrs P Spender & Mr Finch-Denham










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