'Quality and Achievement'

Welcome To

The Quinta Primary School

A very warm welcome from everyone at The Quinta

Everyday here at The Quinta we are the proud educators of over 400 pupils who are nurtured and holistically developed by a large team of dedicated adults.  A secure knowledge of each and every child, the relentless focus on our core values, and a continual cycle of self improvement ensures our children experience a uniquely excellent primary education. We believe that every single minute of each day is a gift and as a result, all of our decisions are formed around 4 keystone values:


Everyday excellence - In every relationship we build with pupils and adults, in every lesson planned, residential experienced or flower watered we strive for excellence.

Authentic Care - We care deeply about our community and understand that positive relationships are at the very heart of everything we build. With every interaction, whether child and adult, we intend to ensure everyone feels valued, listened to and cared for. 

Independence - 'Knowing what to do when we don't know what to do.' Developing a skillset in each and every person to allow them thrive in their world, is a key priority at The Quinta. We intend to ensure that pupils and adults have or develop strategies to stay safe both on and offline, are aware of support networks that they can access and can self regulate their emotions. 

Opportunity - 'We don't know what we don't know.' Immersing children and adults in as many first hand experiences as possible, opens up ideas and skills that they may not have ever know they had. Here at The Quinta we believe in opening doors for the future.


"You and your school leaders, including governors, are clearly ambitious that your pupils receive the best education you can provide ."

"You and your staff have created a strong culture of safeguarding in school, where pupils feel safe and know how to stay safe."

"Pupils benefit from a wide range of extra-curricular clubs." 

"You work effectively to encourage pupils to be well rounded and considerate citizens."

Ofsted January 2017

The Quinta Primary School, Ullswater Road, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 4LX