Vision Statement

"To strive for excellence in all we do in school and the wider community"

A welcome message from the Headteacher:

Welcome to The Quinta Primary  learning platform. Our learning platform shares information about our caring and friendly school community.

Children lie at the heart of our successful school and the partnership between home and school is essential if children are to reach their full potential.Here at The Quinta, we pride ourselves on doing the best we can, at school and in the wider community. We believe in education in all its forms and the care and welfare of the society we live in. Our commitment is to nurture and develop all pupils, to ensure they leave us ready for the next stage of their life journey.


A further welcome message can be found on the School Information tab and in the school prospectus.

Miss Tracey S Walklate

"This is a very popular school, which deserves its good reputation."

"This is a school that welcomes all and ensures the environment is safe."

"Pupils enjoy school and look forward to many special events that sustain their enthusiasm for learning." 

Ofsted October 2009