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Vision Statement

"To strive for excellence in all we do in school and the wider community"

Our School will be inspected tomorrow, we ask you to support the school by completing the Ofsted questionnaire.

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A welcome message from the Headteacher: Miss T S Walklate

Children lie at the heart of our successful school and the partnership between home and school is essential if children are to reach their full potential. Here at the Quinta, we pride ourselves on doing the best we can, at school and in the wider community. We believe education in all its forms academic and the care and welfare of the society we live in. Growing individual talents is the vehicle to ensure pupils leave us ready for the next stage of their life journey.


We are committed to providing a happy, caring and stimulating environment for the children, where they will be encouraged to work, to seek high standards and where they will meet a wide range of quality learning experiences that are enjoyable and will help them to grow into independent and highly motivated learners. We aim to promote a positive learning environment where children are respected and nurtured. Through our School Council, House Teams, Behaviour Policy and PSHE curriculum we promote a respect for democracy and rules along with mutual respect and tolerance of all people regardless of faiths or beliefs.


As you can see from our Vision and Mission Statements, The Quinta Primary has high expectations of staff and pupils alike.


Hopefully you will find most of the information you require about The Quinta Primary on these pages, please go to the School Information Tab for further information about our curriculum and standards we achieve. The Link Website tab will guide you to sites where further data about the school and our most recent Ofsted report can be viewed. The School Information Tab also has a tab linked to after school clubs the school offer. As a school we try to offer a variety of clubs over the whole school year. The Club Resource Book offers an example of clubs that may be on offer during each term, it also sign posts to other clubs in the local area. I hope you find both useful.


We have a supportive parent body known as The Friends of Quinta; more information about them and their news letters can be found under the School Information Tab. The Quinta is also supported by a pre-school on site, Somerford Kindergarten, there is also before and after school care on site offered by Cherub and Imps.The Quinta Primary converted to academy status on 1st January 2014 which was another step on our continuing journey


It would be impossible to cover everything across these pages, should you require further information or copies of policies not contained on the School Information Tab, please contact either myself or the school office staff, Mrs Moores, Mrs Griffin or Mrs Burggy.

Miss Tracey  S Walklate


"This is a very popular school, which deserves its good reputation."

"This is a school that welcomes all and ensures the environment is safe."

"Pupils enjoy school and look forward to many special events that sustain their enthusiasm for learning." 

Ofsted October 2009