School Data

Please note: The following data is taken from the 2018-19 end of year tests. This data does not represent the current attainment and progress data but is the last nationally moderated. 

Here is a link to The Quinta Primary school's performance data: (Comparing school performance)

The Quinta has adopted the Read, Write Inc scheme for teaching early reading (phonics)

* The latest performance data unvalidated is collected in the 2nd table

2018-19 Validated school data (SATs)
  Reading Writing  Maths
Average progress KS1 to KS2 -1.41 -2.45 -2.18
Average scaled score  103.2   103
% pupils achieving the expected / higher standard in reading, writing and maths

Expected standard The Quinta: 56% 

Expected standard Cheshire East 66% average: 8%

Higher standard The Quinta: 9% 

Higher standard Cheshire East average: 8%

2020-21 unvalidated school data (using the 2019 SATs papers)
  Reading Writing Maths
% met the expected standard 93% 78% 93%
% achieved higher standard 36% 16% 21%

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