Statement of ethos and values

At the Quinta our sole purpose is to prepare our children to thrive in their world. We believe that creating strong foundations for our pupils will enable them to flourish long past the time they leave The Quinta.

By strong foundations we mean our children will:

Become emotionally resilient, aware of global issues and become tolerant and kind. 

Become competent and confident in all core and foundation subjects so that they have the widest opportunities from the very start of their next phase of education.

Have experienced many trips and residentials that develop their cultural awareness, independence and resillience. 

Have many opportunities to engage in the widest range of first hand experiences

Know how to keep themself safe, phyiscally and emotionally , online and offline.


Our vision: (What do we strive to be) 

To be a leader in educational excellence, providing every child with the strongest foundations on which to build their  future


Our mission statement (What do we do?)

Our mission statement is really made up of our 4 key drivers: 

Deliver everyday excellence in all areas of the school and community. 

Show authentic care in every situation. 

Nurture independence so that our whole community develops resilience and problem solving skills.

Provide wide ranging opportunities for discovery and growth. 

The Quinta Primary School, Ullswater Road, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 4LX